1 on1 cam hookup

22-Mar-2020 07:32

I seriously doubt it could handle switching between multiplexed camera in any rational and useful way.

On my desk I often hot plug the camera's for testing and just run raspivid.

Principal Software Engineer at Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd.

Contrary to popular belief, humorous signatures are allowed. "My grief counseller just died, luckily, he was so good, I didn't care." I was certainly not suggesting multiplexing a frame rate. I was only thinking that the init, acg, capture, shutdown sequence might be directed to one of N cameras.

If so use multiple Ras Pi/camera combinations and feed the compressed streams over a network. • Don't like to search the forum BEFORE posting 'cos it's useless ?

It's the simplest and possibly the cheapest option, with best performance. Try googling : yoursearchtermshere site:Is the objective to capture video simultaneously from multiple cameras at normal frame rates?

If some custom circuitry and camera management software development is an option for you you may be able to multiplex several Pi Cams onto the one CSI port. I can't say it will work, but it may be a place to i would to connect 2 raspberry pi boards each with their own pi cameras, is it possible to save the jpegs into one storage ? if i am wrong, please point me to the right direction as i am new in electronics. If slow frame rates are acceptable, or only one camera will be running at video rate at any time, then there may be two options: a.

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