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-Pajamas- The shirt is white with red sleeves (has a big red ‘1’ on it) and the pants are red. He’s usually very brave in the face of danger in missions, but if something gets over his head…

(sent him a hair dryer) Nationality: British Outfit: He’s bald and wears black sunglasses, a red turtle neck sweater, light brown shorts, socks and brown boots (which have jets on the bottom, activated by him tapping his heals or him pressing a button on the heal). But he has to be, he is after all the leader of Sector V.

E.) * Second oldest member of Sector V (unconfirmed) ***SPOILER*** In Operation I.

– Nigel: This will take perfect aim and timing old friend.

"Hey Number 1, chill out so what if their dating beside your sister been keeping him in line." Abby said as Kuki nodded saying. "Let's just go to bed guys, it's been a long night." He said seriously before heading off to bed.

Voiced By: Ben Diskin (who I believe isn’t actually British, considering he was born in LA) Family: Monty Uno (dad) who was previously Numbuh 0 at the dawn of the 7th age of the KND, now he just likes fishing and doing other father son things (not sure of his job). Nigel TOTALLY distrusts adults and teenagers, making him super loyal to the KND.

That was until a weapon ball headed towards her, she moved her hand back and caught it with ease while turning around seeing her friends Cree and Maurice pointing at a boy with blonde hair holding a recently fired 2x4 weapon. You two are sparing partners as of today so show us all what you got." The supreme leader said towards them as the boy scoffed making the leader and young Y/n Uno look at him.

"Like a girl can beat me, I'm going to be the best there is in the kids next door one day not some daydreaming girl." He said as Y/n walked up in front of the boy and pinched his cheek harshly. Let's find out then whose the best future kids next door operative, if you win I'll say boys are better than girls but if I win you tell me your name and you treat me to a cherry slushie from Mr. " Y/n held her hand out once she let the boy go as he rubbed his cheek smiling then shook her hand.

We'll be back around PM and if we're running late I'll call you guys." Y/n said smiling sweetly before kissing her brother's forehead and hugged her parents as they kissed her cheeks before she and Chad left the house and got into his dad's minivan as Chad's dad drove them to the movie theater and gave Chad money for tickets, snacks and of course dinner after the movie was over.

" She said while he yelled out blushing towards Y/n. **)Present(** Chad smiled remembering how they first became friends, a team of the best of kids next door operatives ever had, how they became the greatest in the K. Kuki and Abby smiled at the sweetest of them while the boys gagged quietly.

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