Adult chat bot with voices

16-Oct-2019 02:05

The key idea of course is that a user can carry out a conversation with the bot or VA in order to get an action completed or to find a solution to a problem or query.

Until recently conversations were nothing more than a little robotic but times they are a changin.

There seems to have been a hankering for humans to be able to speak to their machines like they’re friends, and very specifically a friend that has a whole lots of personality and is very quick witted.

Traditionally a “conversation” with your machine required the understanding or use of programming languages.

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Sure, there is also the aspiration angle that a number of brands tend to leverage in their advertising but the truth is most people are looking for a brand that is created specifically for them.

Natural language programming (NLP) has been created so that machines can understand human language as it is spoken (or typed) and is one of the main components of AI.

The complexity comes in when you consider how precise instructions need to be when programming and how imprecise human language can be.

As one human to another, we frequently need to learn to interpret meaning because contextually something said may mean something else entirely.

Never mind the fact, that linguistic structure has many variables, including slang, regional dialects and lexicons that are determined by things like education, industry and societal markers.

One that is able to carry out a conversation with your users in a way that makes them feel comfortable and understood.

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