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08-Nov-2019 19:32

The jury heard Entwistle's DNA was found on the grip of the revolver, on an ammunition container and on a gun lock.

In fact, he rented a car and drove 800 miles around England before ending up in Nottinghamshire.Despite the debts, Entwistle aspired to live in an expensive neighbourhood.Hopkinton is an affluent town of 14,000 inhabitants where the average household income is more than double the national figure.One witness at his murder trial, a friend from college days, described Entwistle's relationship with his wife as "like 2.4 children - very much housed up with children, looking towards the future".

They seemed the perfect couple with a five-bedroom colonial-style house in a leafy suburb of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and driving a BMW X3 car.Mr Fabbri - who brandished the murder weapon while making his closing statement - said the defence had raised "red herrings".