Albanian men dating english women

22-Dec-2019 05:47

Show the necessary care in talking to strangers and keep a safe distance.

Handshaking is the accepted form of greeting otherwise.

A dialogue could contain the following: In a family situation, please bear in mind that the Albanian morale is based on the values of family, heritage, children's education, care for elders and friendship. You can also speak to them about your origin, cuisine, your life and family, the respect you have for your relatives, your childhood.

In a family situation, avoid talking about personal relationships with a girl/boy; otherwise this would have a negative impact on your first encounter.

In general, gestures and facial expressions should be normal and not tensed.

When talking to someone, try to understand or remember your situation, why you are there, who he/she is, what values you are exchanging, what you are talking about, what type of person is the counterpart, and the value of establishing a future trustworthy friendship or acquaintance.

This may make it uncomfortable to discuss subjects concerning federal and Balkan politics, including relations with bordering states.