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01-Oct-2019 14:34

Wouldn’t it be better to meet up as soon as possible, then decide if you want to continue to spend hours chatting on the phone?” – Thomas Tan, 30s, head of wealth management Giving monosyllabic answers “I find one-word responses irritating.Image: 123rf Posting unrecognisable pictures of yourself “[Attractive photos are great], but I’d appreciate it if girls post more recent and accurate ones too.Wouldn’t want to start a conversation with some deception!YOUR FIX: So how do you deal with differences in taste?It's okay to politely admit that you're not a fan of something, Hartman says, but wait until you've really built a rapport to playfully jab her for it. Maybe you have a complicated relationship with your dad or had a rough childhood.

Wait until after the third date to delve deeper into your romantic past if it comes up again.

So you spout off about the fascinating saga of your life, your impressive job, and your hilarious antics with your buddies.

No matter how great your stories are, that tactic will often backfire, says Christie Hartman, Ph. "The biggest complaint I hear from women on first dates is that men talk too much," Hartman says.

"It makes you look self absorbed, and she'll want nothing to do with you." YOUR FIX: Instead of trying to come off as Captain Awesome, encourage her to talk about herself.

Women love to be asked questions, says Terri Orbuch, Ph. Some good ways to get her to open up: Ask her about her career, her hobbies, and her pets.That lets her get to know you before she gets to know your troubled past.

That’s our polite way to say we refrain from saying what we really think in social circumstances.… continue reading »

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