Are ukraine dating websites all scams

19-Jul-2020 06:00

Older people on government pensions are especially susceptible to such fraud.

The con artists are waiting for pensioners near shopping centres and offer them discount coupons to popular items, but request to confirm that they have money to purchase the goods first.

The criminals leave a note on the car with a phone number.

When the victim calls, he is instructed to pay money (US-100) to a card.

Ukrainian cyber police advises locals to be vigilant about money matters online.

The most popular fraud pattern is to offer something highly desirable at a low price, get the money and give nothing in return.

For instance, mothers or grandmothers are told the son or grandson committed a crime and a bribe is required to stop the police from opening a case.

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If the client hadn’t read the document properly and paid the money, it’s harder to prosecute scammers, as the written contract, signed by the victim, contradicts the story.There are quite serious punishments for fraud in Ukraine.