Aspx designer cs file not updating

13-Nov-2019 17:30

Normally this updates the model and doesn’t usually break anything (unless you say delete a field that is in use in your code in which case the compile error is an artefact you want).

Today this process seemed to go completely haywire for no reason.

Open the file, and add an on Click attribute to your button. Note that we can access the output Label control because Mono Develop defined it in the class, and due to this, Mono Develop is able to provide code completion.

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The easiest way I’ve found in the past to update the LINQ to SQL model is to simply delete the table that you need to update and drag it onto the design surface from Server Explorer.There are a number of events that can be hooked upt to all ASP. This is storing the current click count in the untyped View State collection property of the base System. In the Project Options, the Web Deployment Targets panel allows you to define deployment targets, local or remote directories to which the application can be deployed.