Beard dating sites

03-Jan-2020 08:20

Some people like a freshly shaved jawline, some like heavy stubble, some prefer a full beard that could put a Game of Thrones wildling to shame.Therefore, you shouldn’t grow a beard (or shave a beard) because you want to please someone else.Far better then, to grow or shave your facial hair the way want, the way that suits your personal style, and makes you feel the most confident.After all, you may just find that it’s this confidence, not your facial hair situation, which ultimately makes you the most attractive.To beard or not to beard…for many men, that is the question.If you want a beard, but your partner doesn’t like it, should you shave for love?*Sourced from anonymous user data READ MORE: Looking to meet men?There has been a relatively new trend set off in recent years -- a regression to primal urges -- where women find themselves attracted to men with facial and body hair.

According to the survey, clean-shaven men are slightly more attached to their smooth-chinned status than bearded men are to their whiskers.

Meanwhile, 53% would refuse to grow a beard for anyone but themselves.

However, much like their bearded counterparts, clean-shaven men don’t have to worry about a partner’s facial hair demands.

Or, if the situation is reversed, should you grow a beard if your partner asks?

And what’s the most attractive type of facial hair? One of the most surprising statistics to come out of the survey was the revelation that more than two-thirds of bearded men (68%) would shave off their facial hair simply because their partner asked them to!

So, what can this study suggest to those singles looking for love this World Beard Day?