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The problem is some vendor models currently only support a 32-bit flash utility.If a system is configured for UEFI (or we are doing BIOS to UEFI in a single task – yes, this is possible now), then you need to use the corresponding boot image architecture.In Upgrading the BIOS Part 1, I gave some very important reasons why you should be proactive about upgrading the BIOS on supported systems in your environment.In this blog, I want to discuss the approach to flashing the BIOS along with some lessor understood caveats as it relates to Bit Locker, BIOS passwords and UEFI 64-bit systems.If it is not suspended prior, Bit Locker will detect a change to the system, and then be prepared to enter the Bit Locker recovery key upon restart.It is easy to suspend Bit Locker but keep in mind the native Configuration Manager step only suspends Bit Locker for one restart.

See my previous blog, called How to detect, suspend, and re-enable Bit Locker during a Task Sequence, for more information and examples. Your best bet is to contact the vendor on how they support flashing the BIOS.

Neither one of these methods are ideal for automation with Configuration Manager.

A bin file is downloaded to the cache (or TS working directory) at some point in the process and you do not need the password in order to make changes (including clearing the password) as long as you have the bin file.

Any solution that I create and implement, I like it to be as modular as possible so that I can get maximum use out of it (it is the engineer in me and probably the reason that I still enjoy playing with Legos at my age).

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When flashing the BIOS, we need to be able to do it under two different operating systems – a full operating system like Windows 7/8.1/10 and a lightweight operating system called Win PE.These are the only three vendors that I will be covering, but I will gladly take donated test systems of other vendors you would like me to test. Usually you password protect something in the first place in order to make it secure.

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