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Warren has apologized and taken down a 2018 video from her campaign website in which she trumpeted the results of a DNA test examining her heritage. Warren’s condominium this year.“We’re friends, we text each other,” said the congresswoman, noting that she and Ms.

Warren were also working together on legislation to establish universal child care and to provide resources to Native Americans. Warren has been careful to avoid directly criticizing Mr.

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If she is not talking on the phone, she is often texting or writing personal notes. Warren’s campaign events often begin out of public view, when she meets with a small groups of Democratic officials in gatherings, called “clutches,” for pictures and a few minutes of conversation. Paul — roughly 12,000, her campaign said — drew headlines and attention on social media, her meeting beforehand with a few state lawmakers may have been even more memorable for them. Warren but who nevertheless have been on the receiving end of her personal touch.

Warren is cultivating could prove just as powerful for symbolic purposes. Warren met privately with Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, who in 2016 was one of Ms. Weingarten have developed a close relationship, frequently talking about education issues, and Ms.

Clinton’s most outspoken supporters in the labor movement. Weingarten recalled how the senator reached out to her with encouraging words when her union sued Betsy De Vos, the education secretary, over a student loan forgiveness program.

Warren called him the day he was re-elected to his post last year, immediately after the midterm elections and on the day she entered the race.“All of the sudden the cellphone is ringing and it’s her — not a staffer,” added J.

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David Cox, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees, calling Ms.

Obama’s Organizing for America, which aimed to push his agenda as president.