Boundaries in dating christian book

17-Sep-2019 23:32

I had to question and reject pretty much everything I believed about Christian morality in order to get to a place where boundaries sound like a really really good idea, very solid advice that everyone should know about.

I've learned all about feminism, become a feminist, and done the hard work of unlearning purity culture. And my concern is that, if you're in the type of Christianity I used to be in, the book "Boundaries in Dating" won't be able to help you at all.

This is an amazing book written by a best-selling author of boundaries book, you will enjoy reading this book and this book has the potential to make your relationship healthy smooth and happening.

In this chapter author has shared story of Heather and Todd, Heather and Todd were in love, heather cared deeply cared deeply for him and was ready to pursue marriage, but Todd has shown no sign of making real commitment to the relationship, they both enjoyed each other company, they both love to spend time which each other, heather used to talk to Todd about getting serious in their relationship but Todd used to take it in a funny way, At the age of thirty-three Todd used to enjoy his freedom he used to value his freedom a lot and he saw no reason for anything in his life to change.

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(Hmm, sort of the opposite of what I learned in church- "you HAVE TO read the bible every day, and you HAVE TO go to church every Sunday, or else you're a bad Christian and you should feel guilty about it.") Responsibility means you do what you've committed to in the relationship, and you say no to things that aren't your responsibility. (Purity culture's use of the term "boundaries" doesn't count, because it just means "God said you can't have sex- yeah nothing about this is your choice at all.") As I understand it, the idea behind "boundaries" is that there will always be some jerks out there- you can't change them, but you set rules about the extent to which they will be allowed in your life.Author says that when this problem occurs people start blaming dating, they start feeling as if dating is not a healthy activity, they should search for alternatives like friendships, author says that dating has its difficulties but it has good things too, it gives opportunities to grow personally and learn how to related to people, for starters, author says that dating has risk That’s why they say No For kids, means kids are not allowed, here kids are not allowed doesn’t mean that teen shouldn’t date or married couple can’t have kids, but here kids are not allowed means you can’t be a kid all the time in a relationship, Maturity is really very important, dating works best between two responsible people, always putting too much of emotional investment can be dangerous hence be responsible and mature.

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