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It took years for the team to verify that the footprint actually belonged to a human as well as to confirm its actual age."There are other human footprints in the Americas, but none has been dated as far back," said study author and geologist Mario Pino in a report from El Austral, adding that the team used radiocarbon dating techniques on the organic plant material where the footprint was found.

Findings, detailed in a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal , revealed that the print appears to have belonged to a barefoot man who weighed about 155 pounds (70 kilograms).

From cooking to medicine, mushrooms were mainly used by the upper class.

Roman emperors had many food tasters to ensure that the mushrooms served were safe to eat.

Mushroom hunting was one of the most dangerous tasks since the beginning of time, with over 80 poisonous species documented today, there was a very likely chance of coming across one of them while foraging causing poisoning and death.

Yet it was the mushrooms beauty, flavor, and texture that continued to lure people into discovering thousands of more species.

One major reason why mushrooms are considered a superfood is their ability to eradicate viruses including flu and smallpox, bacteria such as salmonella and E. They carry cancer-fighting powers because they have the protein lectin, which binds to abnormal or cancer cells and labeled for destruction by the immune system.

After the discovery, researchers worked continuously to determine the true nature and age of the footprint.But now the stakes are raised, if Chile beats Spain she's promised to go for an incredible 16 hours!

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