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Let's evaluate some of the ideas proposed as Only objective behind this patent application is to prevent any other developer from creating a similar application.Approving this will result in reduced competition and reduced innovation.Google bought Dodgeball in 2005 and shut it down in 2009, replacing it with Google Latitude.Dodgeball user interactions were based on SMS technology, rather than an application.The 56th i Date Agency Convention in Kiev is a niche event focusing on the premium international dating & dating agency market.Our 4th consecutive summit has evolved to being the primary annual event for major players within the space.

All were released before December 5th 2011: Uses location and interests to present matches that are close to you and have a high matching score. Uses location, interests, and Facebook friends to present 'interesting people' nearby that match. Also uses location and interests to present matches that are close to you. The first example of a LBS dating service using these claims was from ~1998 in the Japanese product Lovegety; For add'l detail on how Lovegety works: This was expanded upon by many companies since that time, including but not limited to: Ok Cupid, 3/5/2004: Cupid add'l detail for how Ok Cupid works: Skout, 1/22/2009: detail for how Skout works: Spark, ~12/2009: add'l info on Streetspark: four of these examples meet all of the above patent application's claims, and I can provide more examples if needed.The company was expected to pass 750 million check-ins before the end of June 2011, with an average of about 3 million check-ins per day.Male and female users are equally represented and also 50 percent of users are outside the US.In addition, the Street Spark example meets the additional qualifications requested for extra credit.

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[I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice] It's surprising to see something like this being submitted.

Visit Stack Exchange AN OVERBROAD PATENT FOR ONLINE DATING - This application from Zoosk seeks to patent the idea of finding other people who are nearby and compatible with you online!