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the murderer kills Sidney's boyfriend, Billy, in front of her after they have sex, then hunts Sidney and her friends.The Twist: The murderer is actually two people—Billy and his friend Stu.Meanwhile, Staff Sergeant Colin Sullivan, a dirty cop secretly doing Costello's bidding, tries to hunt out the "rat."The Twist: Sullivan determines Costigan's identity, shooting him in the head in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sequence.After Costigan's funeral, Sullivan returns to his own apartment, where Costigan's handler, Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam, is waiting to kill him.Stream The Plot: A masked serial killer targets a group of high schoolers, including Sidney Prescott, whose mother was murdered the year before.At a party to celebrate school's closure following the killings.

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The Twist: After learning Nick cheated, Amy meticulously planned her disappearance to make it look like Nick killed her.He attempts to explain to the police what happened so they'll let him leave.