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11-Nov-2020 14:39

SLS was announced in 2010, and in the 7 years after that we've seen ... dozens of launches in 3 separate manned programs - several launches every single year - capped by the actual Apollo landings.

But in January 2014, ESA insists the module will be ready for the first flight in 2017.And if that's true, then Ares V would likely also not yet be ready to fly by now, because it would have run into almost identical limits.(Maybe Orion-Ares I would be up by now, but at the expense of uncrewed cargo launches and/or commercial crew vehicle development.The first Orion spacecraft completes a successful four-and-a-half hour test flight atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket.

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Around the same time, NASA and ESA officials report continuing challenges with the Orion service module mean the capsule will not be ready in 2017 as previously hoped.

SLS hardware is unharmed, but the disruption to operations is significant.

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