Dating sociopath stares at other women

15-May-2020 03:03

Morning friend, I am in route, driving across the country to Arizona.We started in Pennsylvania (where it was freezing and snowing), drove through West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, (where I am right now). We hope to arrive today just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family.Our POD will be delivered on Saturday and then the fun/work begins. Inside we let things accumulate – old hurts, resentments, anger that has never been resolved, lies that we haven’t identified or challenged, habits that block our future growth, and character traits that are unbecoming to the person we want to be.Moving gives you a reason to throw out a whole lot of unnecessary stuff, but I suspect that we will discover a lot more stuff that still needs to be tossed, gifted, or sold once we try to get settled in our new home. We’re caught in today’s busyness and seldom take time to stop and reflect, to sort and sift through what is no longer useful so we can let it go.You said that you and your spouse share a mostly good, 30 year marriage.Without knowing more of what you mean, I don’t understand how it feels good for you when your husband thinks you have a serious mental problem, he doesn’t respect your feelings about this issue, and as a result, you feel more and more insecure as a woman and wife?I don’t think what you observe is all in your head. The question you didn’t ask, but I’d like to answer is, now what?Do you challenge your husband’s denial and blame shifting and set some boundaries for yourself, or do you continue to live with the humiliation of how he treats you in public and the accusations of craziness in private?

All women find it uncomfortable and disrespectful to see their husband admiring or staring at a beautiful woman, especially after she has told him that it bothers her when he does it. Probably most women notice beautiful women and men also. However, men who respect and value their relationship with their wives, do not keep looking, they purposefully turn away, even if they do notice. I’m curious about what you said in your first paragraph.

If he refuses to stop, you might choose to leave the social event, even if you have to call UBER to get home.