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21-Sep-2019 11:59

What if you’re a young adult toting around the secret shame of not having kissed or been sexually active in nearly two years? These are the types of quandaries Aussie copywriter Camilla Peffer explores as she guides listeners down a rabbit hole of love, sex, joy, and heartbreak with a variety of forward-thinking guests.Peffer cites “an intense interest in psychology, sexual health, mental health, and the human heart,” paired with a harrowing breakup, as inspiration behind the platform, proving that even the worst of situations can render something beautiful.

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The uptick of fresh narratives led by women who veer from the status quo has inspired more authentic storytelling in the podcasting sphere, too.Whether they come with a charming DIY feel or bring a more seasoned air, these three femme-centric podcasts add a spin to the nitty-gritty of dating, while making you laugh, learn, and feel a little more seen.“This is the black Carrie Bradshaw of Harlem,” muses one guest of host Jourdan Ash, or, Life With JRDN, during an episode.The Harlem writer and blogger’s candor—from sharing a moment featuring a drunken and risqué late-night text to penning a personal essay on the emotional toll of being the other woman—gives a nod to young women of color proudly asserting their sexual agency.What’s it like to go on a sit-down dinner date when you have crippling anxiety and haven’t socialized in weeks?

And when, exactly, is the right time to share the role a mental illness holds in your life with a prospective romantic partner?If you come across a podcast on the Internet that you can’t find in the i Tunes Store, you can still subscribe to it.