Double your dating cocky and funny

29-Jun-2020 09:29

Clue #2 about being cocky and funny: by being Cocky And Funny, you ALSO show a woman that you’re selective…BECAUSE women chase after you, you’re an object of desire etc.

This lets her know that SHE has competition, and will need to win you over because she can have you all to herself.that you’re comfortable around women, have lots of them around you, and that you know how to treat them.

Meanwhile, she will need to DEPEND on others for food and protection sooner or later because she CAN’T do it herself. Don’t worry, this all has a point: explaining why cocky and funny works.

It means that, relatively speaking, women take a MUCH HIGHER RISK when they have sex compared to men.

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Your figure is very authoritative, can I touch you ? You know "power, money, knowledge, prestige & me" are the ladies favorite. There is a tremendous security problem above your keens.

I promise to keep it a secret…how old are you REALLY with that babyface of yours? Clue #1: being Cocky And Funny is showing you have a sense of humor, that you’re a sexual creature and that you’re FAR from the boring, lame and predictable men who talk about their work all day…nope, you’re EXCITING, the things you DO with her become exciting (both mentally and sexually), and you take her to exciting places because you MAKE them exciting.

Because of it, you’ll become the one guy in her life who actually makes her FEEL alive, FEEL sexual, and provides her with an escape from total boredom.

I think you are very attractive, when I was writing this email to you my PC already become hot.

When it comes to creating attraction, there are 3 magic words you need to know: cocky and funny. YOU may have not heard of him yet, but everyone reading this with an interest in the community certainly has… ” NO, because women are turned off by clowns who are cracking jokes all day just to get attention. ” Me: “Don’t you think it’s kinda awkward to do it in the rain? I’d rather go and seek shelter from the rain” She: (yawning) “it’s bedtime! If you want to sleep with me, you could AT LEAST take me out to dinner first! ” (with a slight smile on my face) Why does this being cocky and funny stuff work here?

And if you would like to get access to more state of the art strategies for improving your conversations with cuties, your dating, to meet more women…and to “pimp” the quality of your very LIFE for that matter because you WON’T have to settle for women anymore but will finally be able to CHOOSE who you’ll be with..

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