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He is locked in a room behind a large door, which can only be opened after solving his questions and by "hot babes".

You can't hit what you can't see, so wait for him to reappear... The next time Francis is met is during the fourth level of The Bitlands, Fort Francis, where he is also shown to have captured another Pixl named Carrie.

Francis's most devastating weapon is his long tongue, with which he can swallow any of the heroes whole and slowly damage them by chewing, and the player can escape by shaking the Wii Remote. After his defeat, Francis cannot be found in Fort Francis.

Francis has a different expression depending on who he eats; if he eats Bowser, he stutters for a moment, and he'll smile and blush when eating Peach. Francis can also employ his technology in battle; his laptop can summon an army of Meowbombs, and his camera temporarily blinds Mario and his friends when the flash goes off. One of the Meowmaids says Francis is in the hospital after having hurt himself while playing video games.

The investigation was eventually dismissed, but not without a significant amount of legal wrangling and Frances being removed from her parents' custody for a short time, beginning when she was two weeks old.

Francis is completely invisible when in 2-D, but if Mario flips into 3-D, Francis's moving shadow is visible, making it easier to counterattack.Cobain chose the song "Black" by The Jesus and Mary Chain.The eclectic mix of songs chosen were featured for digital download on i Tunes. After the simulation, Peach demands Francis gives up Tippi, but Francis refuses, which leads into a battle.

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When he is confronted by Princess Peach, he is too shy to talk to her directly, and instead engages her with a dating sim named Swoon.exe, where he talks to her briefly about his interests.

On August 4, 2012, she participated in the group show 'Mi XTAPE' under her real name.

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