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27-Oct-2019 22:21

The German government takes environmental issues in the country extremely seriously and the inclusion of the Green party in the ruling coalition over the past few years has greatly influenced Germany’s energy and environmental policy objectives.

From phasing out nuclear power to promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, Germany has become a pioneer within the EU in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in making alternative fuel sources viable.

When doing business in Germany, it is essential that you appreciate that business etiquette is of great importance to your German counterpart.

Germany is a nation that is strongly individualistic, and demands the utmost respect at all times, therefore the highest of standards are expected.

Some of the cultural distinctions that businesspeople most often face include differences in business styles, attitudes towards the development of business relationships, attitudes toward punctuality, gift-giving customs and the meanings of colours and numbers.

The following sections give an insight into the values, attitudes and culture of Germany.

Careful planning, in one’s business and personal life, provides a sense of security.

Germany leads Europe by having the greatest solar and wind electricity generating capacity on the continent.Any unethical behaviour will seriously diminish all future business negotiations.

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