Gospel fragments dating to 50ad

24-Apr-2020 17:06

But there is also, in my opinion, a very strong argument for supposing that 1 Timothy can be taken as having been written before AD68.Among the fragments that have been found from 1947 and following in the Qumran caves around the Dead Sea, are some fragments which appear to be from 1 Timothy and 4:1-3 (fragment 7Q4).But, instead, Acts leaves us hanging, by ending after Paul has been placed under house-arrest.The Pauline authorship of 1 Corinthians, and its dating to the 50’s AD is virtually undisputed.

gospel fragments dating to 50ad-18

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gospel fragments dating to 50ad-36

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But Luke is quoted elsewhere in the New Testament, by Paul.

When compared to other ancient biographies, these sources are very early indeed.