Hesitant about online dating

17-May-2020 13:31

Although I don't have many close friends (and all of them are male), I have had some female friends over the past few years.

However, I don't think I could ever ask out a female friend of mine - and not just due to 'fear of rejection'.

You can give a general idea about where you live (for example, you live in the city center).Hello, I [22M] am about to enter my last year of university.I have good grades, good job prospects, am as social as I would like to be and get along with people (of both genders) just fine. That said, I have never come close to dating anyone in my life or done anything sexual at all - this makes me very sad from time-to-time.Don’t give your social media accounts out or anything that can trace them back to you. What do you do if they give you their number and ask you to call them or text them? I will admit I used to, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing it because I’ve had some weirdos I didn’t want to talk to keep texting and calling even after months of not talking.

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To me, my number is for those I want to interact with and don’t mind continuing to interact with.

Moreover, I feel a failed ask would tarnish a valued platonic relationship, hurt my friend group, and generally lead to more negative than anything.

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