How to stop dating the wrong guys

07-Mar-2020 01:18

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Settling is a temporary patch, and it usually makes you feel worse than you did single.Often times, women who find themselves attracted to the wrong men are suffering from a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.When you’re part of the dating scene, it’s not uncommon for you to come across a guy or two who, at first, you thought were good matches, but in the end you found that these men weren’t good for you at all.This is plenty normal, but things can become frustrating when you find you’re doing nothing but attracting the wrong guys over and over again. Here are 14 tips that will help you to stop attracting the wrong men.

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When you settle for a man who you know isn’t one you should be dating, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.You don’t want to be dating around for the rest of your life.Instead you want to be able to find a man who you can be in a happy and healthy relationship with.Take some time to figure out your downfalls and more than likely you’ll find that the type of men you’re attracting also suffer from these not-so-great qualities.

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If you want to find a caring, attentive, and trustworthy man, you’ll need to have these qualities yourself.To break the pattern of reeling in the wrong men, make sure that your confidence is high and that you love yourself before committing to any new dates or men.

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