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) Hey, mamacita, mama, mama, my mamacita (Woo) Mamacita, cita, cita That's my mama, mamacita (Woo), that's my mama, mamacita (Woo) That's my mama, mamacita (Racks), that's my mama, mamacita Mamacita, cita, cita That my, that my, mamacita, that my, that my mamacita, that my [Verse 3: Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug] Bad little college ho that I got on the east skirts of Decatur (What you talkin' 'bout Rich Homie?

) Best believe that she cover Rich Homie Quan like a blazer (Ooh, ooh, ooh) I smoke a lot of weed, keep my music turned up, fuck my neighbors (I know they can't fucking stand me, nigga) I fuck a nigga bitch and turn her like a table (Ha) Ayy, I'm still practicin' so you know I'm gettin' greater (I swear to God) Ayy, still wearin' long socks and shorts like Fabo (D4, D4, D4) He was hatin' at first, now he tryna make the payroll (Tryna get some money) Ayy, got a stupid bitch who'll do whatever I say so Ayy, money on your head like a Jesus piece (What?

I starting messaging with Aaron hoping for an impromptu meet-up.

He’s also a neighbor, so he was excited to meet me for brunch at a spot equidistant to our apartments. But there was something incredibly comfortable and sexy about him, which took me onward to Date 27…

I felt so comfortable with Johnny that I told him about the experiment. Three hours later, we were still hanging out and playing our favorite songs for each other.

He was not only surprisingly receptive but also wanted to keep hanging out. He gave me a head start so I had time to clean up the makeup and clothes that were everywhere (you think getting ready for one date is difficult, try getting ready for 30! Overall, I had those embarrassing butterfly things in my stomach I’d never admit outside this article.

Final Thoughts Sure, this experiment was exhausting and draining, and yes, “What do you like to do for fun? But this social experiment—rather, my mission to find true love—was absolutely thrilling and worth every iced oat latte, happy hour white wine, and Uber of Pride.

[Intro: Travis Scott & Rich Homie Quan] Mamacita, cita, cita Woah-oh-oh, woah, woah-oh-oh Mamacita, cita, cita Woah-oh-oh, woah, woah-oh-oh [Verse 1: Travis Scott] This the last days to the rodeo Last night had me down in the back, comatose Don't think sun shades and a pill gon' help Once I'm gone, can't tame myself (Myself, myself) Mamacita, cita, cita You know I really need ya, need ya, need ya right now She get freaky when the light's down The shit's crack, no way niggas could pipe down With the head first, got her straight out of the night gown Nothin' like the light-skinned mamacitas in H-Town They got them pornstar big booties Let me film it, then shoot it, 3-D money, no illusion Depending if I'm feelin' bougie, might hit your line, bitch [Chorus: Rich Homie Quan, Travis Scott & Young Thug] Had to cut my phone off, bitch got it vibratin' on me like a beeper (Brrr) Boy, I'm in Colorado, smokin' California reefer Hey, the bitch so bad, caught a ticket cause I really wanna meet her (Really wanna meet her, wanna meet her) Hey, and I ain't kin to Wayne but that's my mamacita (What, what?

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