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03-Jan-2020 19:51

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I was talking to it telling it I would fix it all up so it would look all beautiful. It was awesome but I wondered if it was something specific? I get chills usually all throughout my head almost every day. I feel validated, and it a sign to me that this is a Spiritual experience.I just took a step or two back to look at the bush and I had this warm hush of air surround me. It also validates for me that something is true, honest, poignant, vital.i am new in this, ive heard something about spiritual paths, but im not sure what are those. Reply I’m a massage therapist and sometimes my treatment room will get super cold all of a sudden and I will feel a presence behind me or next to me.Sometimes I can’t move my hand from the spot I’m on and my hand will feel buzzy and tingly. It is usually at an injury site or acupressure point. It used to freak me out but I’m kind of used to it now. Reply I was googling my feelings and it landed me here with so much meaning and helped me to understand more of what happens to me and now I know it is positive.

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I woke up with chills up my spine and I was tired even though I know I slept for a while, I usually wake up just fine, great even I wake up smiling.

And immediately i start talking saying you guys need to stop fighting n getting along.