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30-Jul-2020 05:50

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Nikki has learned that, and Jack is in the process of learning it as well.

These tips are easier said than done, especially for a full-time writer like me! I didn’t get married until I was 35 years old (we’ve been married 11 years, so I guess I don’t love being alone as much as I thought).

Here’s how to end a relationship when you’re scared to be alone, but you know you need to leave the man you’re with.“I’ve been in the same relationship for 18 years,” says Nikki in response to How to Know if a Man is Emotionally Available for Love. He’s not abusive, he doesn’t drink or gamble or even smoke.

But he has never been able to love me fully, he always held back, and I let the relationship keep going. I stayed with him because even though I knew our relationship wasn’t improving or even that healthy, I couldn’t face life as a single woman.

Maybe you’ve always lived with a husband or boyfriend, or you’re worried you’re not financially able of taking care of yourself.

Maybe you’re worried about what friends, family, coworkers, and the neighbors will think if you’re alone.

”You’re not alone if you’re scared to be alone – here’s what Jack says on my article about letting go of someone you love: “I have a tremendous fear of being alone, but even with us living under the same roof, I’m as lonely as anyone can possibly be. I can’t end our relationship and stay as a roommate, watching him run around. I’d be doing him a favor by leaving, because at least he would have the freedom I know he wants.”I think Jack would be doing both his partner and himself a favor if he ended his relationship.

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But if you just feel a vague fear or even terror at the thought of being single, then you won’t be able to move forward.If you can no longer ignore the signs of a bad relationship, it’s time for you to start learning how to be alone.The sooner you face, accept, and live with your fears of being alone, the sooner you can move forward into a happier, healthier life.Maybe your parents have been married for 50 years, and you want to live up to their marriage expectations.

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Or, maybe you feel like you’re too shy to date, and can’t face more rejection in a love relationship.

Now I’ll be 40 soon and I don’t want to live in fear anymore.

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