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12-Nov-2019 19:46

The Tolkien Society hosts “Tolkien 2019” conference in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Society.

Tom Shippey, Christina Scull, Wayne Hammond, Dimitra Fimi, Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith, Brian Sibley and John Garth are in attendance.

Tolkien writes early versions of the later chapters ‘The Window on the West’, The Forbidden Pool’, ‘Journey to the Cross-Roads’, ‘The Stairs of Cirith Ungol’, ‘Shelob’s Lair’ and ‘The Choices of Master Samwise’. Tolkien Centenary Conference” conference to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tolkien’s birth.

Tolkien works on the chapters ‘Minas Tirith’, ‘The Passing of the Grey Company’, ‘The Muster of Rohan’, ‘The Siege of Gondor’, ‘The Battle of the Pelennor Fields’ ‘The Pyre of Denethor’, ‘The Houses of Healing’, ‘The Last Debate’ and ‘The Black Gate Opens’. The conference was attended by several Tolkiens, including Priscilla and Christopher.

Númenor’s inclusion has led many fans to believe the series will take place in the Second Age.

uk exclusively spoke with Tolkien expert and author John Garth to discuss what could be in store following Amazon’s latest clue.

However, several maps of Middle Earth were released online via Twitter by the streaming giant.

These maps showed a number of different fictional locations where the Lord of the Rings TV series will take place, including Númenor.

Plot details are being kept well under wraps by Amazon.Noldor swears an oath to regain the Silmarils and depart from Valinor after killing many Teleri for their swanships in the First Kinslaying.Lord of the Rings is coming to Amazon Prime as an all-new TV series following the global success of the JRR Tolkien books and Hollywood movies.Tolkien drafts the chapters ‘The Land of Shadow’, ‘Mount Doom’, ‘The Field of Cormallen’, ‘The Steward and the King’, ‘Many Partings’, ‘Homeward Bound’, ‘The Scouring of the Shire’ and ‘The Grey Havens’. The International Tapestry Museum in Aubusson, France, unveils its first tapestry of Tolkien’s artwork: “Bilbo comes to the Huts of the Raft-Elves”.

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It is the first of 14 tapestries with the final one unveiled in 2021.

The excitement surrounding the new LOTR series is already building, with many fans keen to know when the Prime Original show will be released.