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17-Mar-2020 15:00

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If the wedding pews are light colored particularly white, this provides a perfect canvas to put colors on.What may not work so well for dark-colored pews will look lovely on lighter colored pews.In order to avoid this, you can add touches of white to create the contrast. A simple white ribbon hanging from the flowers could already provide the contrast. You can even decorate the floor with flower petals.You can go all out in your church wedding decorations. You can mix combinations of flowers, candles and different fabrics for your decorations.The key is to work with what you already have which is the church and then embellish on that.If the church allows you to go all out on your decorations, then do so.But it is also challenging because there are a lot of things that you have to consider – the church, the reception, the guests, the entourage and even the decorations.

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This idea is unique, creative and may even save you money. In decorating church pews, you have to consider the elements that you can work on.Here, the candles are the highlight of the pew decorations.