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Your only hope is for the slow driver in front of you to pull over so you could drive on.The TT, Freezer and I were behind two cars stopped at an intersection. But en route home, I had detoured to Mulholland Drive, my slinky, dangerous co-conspirator, the soother of my before bedtime screams. My best friend lives in San Francisco, and when he has business in Los Angeles, he stays with me. Remember my first Martian dating post, where I said I wanted to date a born rock and roller — not as in musician, but in spirit — a guy my own age with the vibrancy of a cat on catnip? But in the five years that we lived together, not once did he fail to get up from his office chair each time I left and came, to walk to the door and look me in the eye for a proper goodbye or hello. For me, this bit of consistency in etiquette spoke volumes about his character, because it was unplanned and instinctive. And since then, the Perfect Man and my best friend have met and approved of one another. The only difference between a best friend and a boyfriend is, you don’t have sex with your best friend. While we were a couple, Freezer worked from home and was deeply engrossed by it.Maybe after three excellent long-term relationships, I’m extra choosy.It also happens that I enjoy being on my own more than average.There were remnants of rush hour cars escaping freeway traffic and cluttering Mulholland instead. Mulholland is a winding, two-lane road, one for each direction.

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We cherish what we have: All the good and none of the bad — there’s love, mutual guidance and laughter, but no expectation, disappointment, or encroachment. You might have met him as in A Love Letter, but from now on, we will call him Freezer.

But the panting doesn’t keep us from the subject at hand.

She tells me she’s thinking of moving away from Los Angeles because she’s tired of being single and believes there are no good men here. I just haven’t wanted to take things further with them.

A mix of green and arid canyon views surrounds us as we climb a steep trail.

She is one of the most beautiful girls I know — high cheekbones, poreless skin, the whole bit.There was nothing to do except grab a price sheet and walk inside the three-million dollar home for sale.

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