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“Through a constitutional amendment process, the Government should further pursue the removal of the Tatmadaw from Myanmar’s political life,” the report says.

This is a bold recommendation, but it’s also one that seems especially unlikely to happen.

Some were tied naked to trees by their hands or hair.

In an ambush on Maung Gyi Taung, a village in Rakhine State, witnesses saw security forces rip infants and babies away from their mothers and throw them into the river to drown them.

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The US has sanctioned members of Myanmar’s security forces, as well as individual units, for their “role in ethnic cleansing.” But those financial penalties haven’t yet reached the highest levels of Myanmar’s military.

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NGA KHU YA, Myanmar — Rusting behind barbed wire, rows of trailers at a repatriation center sit empty and uninviting, evocative of a prison awaiting its inmates.

Since the passage of the Burma Citizenship Act of 1982, they have been denied citizenship — and all the benefits and protections that come with it.

The Rohingya have faced waves of violent attacks in the past decade, including in 20, with attacks escalating in August 2017 during what the Myanmar military called “clearance operations.” In examining this history, the UN suggests that “lack of legal status and identity is the cornerstone of the oppressive system targeting the Rohingya.” The UN report documents instances of human rights violations against civilians in at least two other states in Myanmar, including forced labor, evictions, and sexual violence, that date back to 2011.In a deserted arrivals trailer, uniformed officers loiter at their desks, expectant grins on their faces.