Nice places in bangalore for dating

04-Oct-2020 11:24

It is too and late, you dread seeing “CLOSED” sign swinging in front of the wonderful themed restaurants. The cafés, restaurants and bar culture can crush those late night hunger pangs with delectable food in a stylish date-night worthy set-up.

Behold our top picks for late-night dining around Bangalore. Your mouth will start watering for the next bite of cheese tawa pulav they offer.

The best way to enjoy a city is to pull you out on a silent night to explore the city’s glorious diverse environments and to gasp in the chillness in the night air.

Explore the hidden adventures of Bangalore nightlife.

As the sun dips down and the twilight fades to darkness there is nothing sweeter than rolling out on wheels for a late night cruise.

Misty air, open roads, speakers blazing your favorite music, and the company of your buddies cracking jokes – if these do not set you off on road trips, then you are better off at home sleeping in the comfy little bed., then there can be no company like a bullet.

The trek will challenge you physically and engage you mentally, leaving you with an ineradicable impression of the richness of our country.

If you have done night trekking, then tick off one of the things to do on your bucket list.

They offer lip-smacking food for a reasonable price.

Trek at night over the rocky hills where the blockbuster movie Sholay was shot.

Ramanagara is just 50 kilometers away from Bangalore.

It is a cozy little spot tucked away to indulge in a sipping a warm cup of coffee or decadent delicacies.

It is open for 20 hours in a day, so you can kick back and hangout.A moderately long drive on the Mysore Road for about 50 kilometers will present you a destination called Rasta Cafe.

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