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That all said, be sure to let us know how you get on, should you try these tools in different regions. After updating to android 7.1 I encountered a strange bug in my Nokia 3: occasionally the phone won't wake up when pressing the power button, the screen stays black no matter what.To be fair, this should not come as a surprise to any keen Windows Phone follower.Microsoft delivered the twenty-four months of support for this cycle of Windows Phone 8, although as Steve Litchfield highlights on All About Windows Phone, the OS has not seen any updates to the operating system for over two years and there has been a quiet but not highly promoted push to have users update their handsets to Windows 10 Mobile.Nokia appears to have made now made it 'public' instead of a tool for themselves.This suite enables consumers to fix their Windows Phones without having to go through support channels, perfect if you're stuck on spinning cogs or the Windows Phone simply won't play ball.i don't really care for the rest of whats backed up except my contacts, does anyone know a way to retrieve it? Hi, JAE_MIKE, Even I changed my phon code in NSS sofware then I went to to get the latest version software for my N95 when I installed in my PC then I connected to my phone, so within 5 minutes update done. My friends yu need to do this:1-Backup to sdcard .2-Plug your phone to pc on pcsuite mode.3-Open NSS and click scan for new device.4-Click phone info.5-Click read.6-In product code change yours for your phone code to 0534841.6-Mark enable next to the new code.7-Click write.8-Click read again to verify the change.9-Close NSS and open Nokia Software Update and follow the steps to update.10-Your phone is...

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But unfortunately in the era of apps and web services requiring a significant user base Windows Phone never picked up the critical mass of users required.

while I read on the news on this site that there is a 2version of firmware available. I would buy the N95-3 because it supports the 3G in US but I'm Italian and I would have the Italian language included. hey has anyone had troubles restoring their information?