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The LA Symphony associate has graduated from ‘clueless’ on his last album, to ‘dating your sister’ on this one. Pigeon John may have just gained the dubious distinction of being labeled one of hip-hop’s primary “emo-rappers” in Spin, but I still don’t think the term fits.If anything, PJ should be labeled as honest-rap since he doesn’t sugar coat anything he says, for better or worse.Songs featured on the album "Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister.P1 & J1 produced for Beat Junkie Sound P1 & J1 recorded at the Don Johnson Foundation in Northern Hills, Killa Cal P2 & J2 recorded at The Terrordrome on Miracle Mile, Lost Angels.[Verse One] I have to tell the truth I have a weakness for women In every state Wherever I go Oh boy I know it isn't right I feel I'm barely swimming And the waves keep on crashing down After every show Oh boy And what am I to do now Where the hell is my crew now Supposed to be watching my back But they're jibbing too And here she stands before me And I'm trying to ignore thee Possible chance of doing wrong And now I sing my song [Hook] What is love And am I in it?

Another favorite is “Hello Everybody,” if anything just for its originality. The album isn’t without its faults, it starts to lose its edge as gets past song 10 and there are some songs that could have been left on the cutting room floor (“Sam The Goat”?!?

Pigeon John then signed to Basement Records and released Is Dating Your Sister (2003) and Pigeon John Sings the Blues (2005).