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The Holocaust, and the Nazi propaganda used to provide a rationale for eliminating the Jewish people, is well documented in newspapers from the era.

In addition to the Holocaust and its atrocities, other pre-war events, such as the Great Depression, fascism, and increased militarism, are a few of the many factors that precipitated a climate for war.

"There were four of us working at the post office, and we took turns going to lunch in pairs.

I told him I was having lunch with Nora, and he said, ‘She can come along.’ So we began walking to Trafalgar Square, which was just a few blocks away.

Nora suddenly left us on our way to lunch because she knew Lloyd wanted to be with me." That simple lunch in 1943 launched Ellen on a great adventure that culminated in her leaving home and family to make a new life in America.

Ellen joined a million other English, European, and Asian women who married US servicemen. Precise totals are hard to determine, but between the years 19, about one million American soldiers married foreign women from 50 different countries.

My mother said, ‘I married who I wanted.’ And that was that." Ellen and Lloyd married June 16, 1945, in London.

Lloyd returned to the United States and began a nine-month wait for permission for Ellen to join him, during which time Lloyd was discharged from the military.

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The majority of daily WWII newspapers printed battles reports and covered political events related to the war, with some issues eventually becoming quite noteworthy.

"A lot of people I knew didn’t want girls to date Yanks." Uncle Sam shared this sentiment.