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13-Nov-2019 20:58

Self-identified incels usually stress looks as the most important.

r/TRP The major 2010s extant proponents of PUA were the subreddit R/TRP (which promotes a more holistic approach to PUA, as well as incorporating the concept of female hypergamy) and the PUA company Real Social Dynamics.

One site that had a lot of incels: was almost exclusively dedicated to exposing pick up artists during first years of the site. Self-identified incels (and others) instead advocate LMS (looks, money, status) theory, but don't guarantee success, only increasing the odds that a woman will pick you when you approach her.

Incels and others say that for men that have normal social skills (most men), 'game' is a scam, and the only way to improve in the eyes of women sexually is through improving one's looks, money, or status.

The modern PUA movement started in the 1970s with the rise of "hook up" culture after the sexual revolution in modern western countries.

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Now it was more common for men to 'play the field' and seek out casual sexual encounters before marriage.Pick-up-artistry, if it were to work, would promote selfish replication.

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