Quickly validating sql server configuration settings

22-Mar-2020 19:34

The JDBC API is the standard that defines how databases are accessed by Java applications.

An application configures a datasource that references a JDBC driver.

For up-to-date information on the supported databases, see JBoss EAP supported configurations.

My SQL is not fully capable of handling XA transactions. XAException error code when a network failure occurs during the commit phase of two-phase commit (2PC).

Each of these configuration attributes can be set during datasource creation or afterward.

You can set them using either the management console or the management CLI.

The following steps describe how to install a JDBC driver using the management CLI.

The JDBC driver throws the exception privilege to the user whose credentials are used in recovery datasource configuration.

When this parameter is enabled, Adaptive Server ensures that updates to remote Adaptive Server data commit or roll back with the original transaction.

To enable transaction coordination, use: These known issues with handling XA transactions are for the specific database and JDBC driver versions supported with JBoss EAP 7.

See JBoss EAP supported configurations for the list of JDBC-compliant databases supported by JBoss EAP 7.

The two general types of resources are referred to as ), which is provided to demonstrate how datasources are defined.

The recovery module is the code that is executed when recovery is being performed.

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