Quiet dating spots singapore

04-Nov-2019 20:14

You could see your city in a totally new light — possibly learning the rich history behind some of the tourist spots. Go on a hike If you both like the outdoors, you can ask your date if he or she is game to hike somewhere nearby your location.

It’s important that you and your date are not beginner hikers!

You should be able to pick a safe point where you no longer need a guide.

Go somewhere where one of you have already hiked before.

Stargazing is equally romantic with watching the sunrise together.1.

You don’t need to know all the constellations — just admire the stars with your date.

A note: you don’t need a wooden basket — you can use any bag to carry everything as long as you handle it with care! You could, for example, both agree on wearing something extra fancy or sophisticated.