Reasons for dating a dancer

08-May-2020 08:44

I have "fallen in love" in love with two dance partners in my past, dated a (different) dance partner for 5 years, and am now currently dating a dancer in what appears to be the most serious relationship since my last serious relationship, so seeing the signs early on has become a honed skill. Everyone knows that dance skills are correlated to bedroom skills.

As Shakira says, hips don't lie, and if he can move those hips beautifully while clothed and standing up, I would like you to imagine the possibilities of your future…

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A man who dances will show you that every sound has a flow and ebb and his body can float through these waves.

If they can't handle being told how to do something by a professional, good luck getting them to listen to you. I once went to a show and witnessed someone and their date lay on a bar stool and "swim" to the music.

These two ended up dating for two fun filled months.

I for one answer the question of "what kind of music do you like?

" with "anything i can dance to." I'm just saying, if you can't vibe to the same tunes, then groove is probably not in the heart.3.

His hold can make a bad day sunny, he can hold you tight so you never want to let go.

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