Scott moir dating jessica dube

20-Jul-2020 18:46

They call their relationship beyond a friendship but not quite as platonic as siblings (George Strombo interview).

They trained both short and long programs for nationals, while Jessica also trained a short program for the singles event.Last week was the first time that Canadian ice dancing pair Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir appeared on the radar of many armchair Olympic viewers.They became an instant internet sensation for their oozing chemistry during a sultry skate to a mashup of “El Tango de Roxanne” and “Come What May.” The routine was so physical, apparently, that a risqué lift in the program had to be altered at the last minute.Nevertheless, the sexual tension came through loud and clear.

“THE CANADIANS ARE ICE FUCKING,” The salacious showcase launched a wave of speculation that the allegedly platonic pair was an item.But given that Virtue and Moir (a) have been skating together for 20 years, (b) are both objectively hot, and (c) have occasionally engaged in warm-up kisses, the 2018 Pyeongchang Games are far from the first moment that they’ve been accused of performing moves like this off the ice.