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29-Aug-2020 09:58

Another case would be that the device would continuously send registration requests but never receive a response from the SIP server.

With the help of the ITSP, a user can confirm whether or not the server is receiving the registration requests.

Voip phones or ATA can easily be attacked by an intruder with the purpose of annoying or placing a telemarketing call. Grandstream has developed a new protection in their sip phones and ATAs to avoid this from happening, rejecting all kind of calls that are not coming from the legit proxy.

This configuration needs to be enabled by the user.

All our 10/100M Ethernet ports have MDIX, an auto-crossover feature.

Then, you no longer need to care if the Ethernet cable is a crossover cable or a straight one.

If and when the server receives the registration request it will send a "407 Proxy Authentication Required" message to the device.

This is most likely due to intermediate device like Router/Firewall blocking UDP ports for SIP.

Most of the Handytone Series products and the Budge Tone 101 and 102 support only 10Mbps Ethernet connections.

Just like a standard 10/100M SOHO router, each Ethernet port of our GXP2000, GXP2020, GXV3000, and BT200 phones is fully independent in terms of speed and duplex.

- Move cursor to the empty space above the OK and CANCEL.

- Enter the MAC Address with alphabets and numbers.Your PC should have a sniffer program like Ethereal (available for free download online).