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13-Sep-2019 20:58

The fact is that outdated systems and third-party applications often have a host of vulnerabilities, and ignoring software updates could prove to be a grave mistake.The majority of impactful cyberattacks often have one thing in common: they target known vulnerabilities in systems and third-party software.And as their infrastructure is incredibly intricate, any update or change could result in key bits of software malfunctioning.Subsequently the patch management process becomes time-consuming, and businesses face the difficult decision of taking crucial elements of their infrastructure offline for updates and maintenance.This kind of patch management allows businesses to get ahead of software vulnerability exploit attacks, enhance endpoint security and reduce attack vectors.Businesses cannot afford to overlook or avoid patching and updating software infrastructure.

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Businesses cannot afford to adopt an approach of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

Automated patch management does exactly what it says on the tin: it analyses software and systems in use to determine whether patches and/or updates are available and downloads them.

These patches and/or updates are acquired in the background and can be installed at a specified time.

The same applies to the Equifax with an out of date version of Apache on their webserver, and BA who had not updated a cross-site scripting vulnerability.

Without a doubt, the fundamental issue is that many businesses mistakenly believe themselves to be secure because they have advanced cyber security and intrusion detection solutions in place.

But for more bespoke in-house systems, which are connected to a suite of tools, a more considered approach is necessary.

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