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The ROC is no longer a member of the UN, having been replaced by the PRC in 1971.

Taiwan is claimed by the PRC, which refuses diplomatic relations with countries that recognise the ROC.

Taiwan is a member of the World Trade Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Asian Development Bank under various names.

Nearby countries and countries with large economies maintain unofficial ties with Taiwan through representative offices and institutions that function as de facto embassies and consulates.

The settlement grew to be the island's most important trading centre and served as its capital until 1887.

Use of the current Chinese name ( Elsewhere, the name was used for the Ryukyu Islands in general or Okinawa, the largest of them; indeed the name Ryūkyū is the Japanese form of Liúqiú.

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Although the ROC government continued to claim to be the legitimate representative of China, since 1950 its effective jurisdiction has been limited to Taiwan and several small islands.Taiwan's export-oriented industrial economy is the 21st-largest in the world, with major contributions from steel, machinery, electronics and chemicals manufacturing.