Update ux updating newer version of os

26-Nov-2019 02:13

update ux updating newer version of os-77

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There is a lot to like and fewer excuses than ever for updates not to come out for existing phones in a timely manner.

We’ve been living with the same three-button core navigation system in Android for several years now, but with Pie, Google is finally giving a gesture-based interface a shot.

For the first time, I’ve had a chance to test the official release of a new version of Android on a phone made by Google, the Essential Phone. Although a few of the promised features aren’t shipping or are still in beta, I think this version of Android is good enough that users should demand the update for their phones.The app suggestions are very often exactly what I want and the swipe-tap motion to start a search is faster than any mobile search UX we’ve had, going on seven years (since, you guessed it, just typing on the physical keyboard of a web OS or Black Berry phone).But, of course, that enhanced Overview screen is a Google-exclusive feature.Here’s the story with every new version of Android, in a nutshell: it’s great, but you can really only get it on a phone that Google makes.

Sometime next year, new phones by other companies will launch with it.

Overall, the new gesture system works, but it’s conceptually complicated.

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