Updating data from one table to another in sql

18-Apr-2020 14:34

updating data from one table to another in sql-57

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The values in column 4 & 5 are dynamic (ie not the same each time) background on the table.

Something like this: INSERT INTO [BDID_BI].[dbo].[Transaction] SELECT B.* FROM [BDID].[dbo].[hl_transaction] as B LEFT JOIN [BDID_BI].[dbo].[Transaction] AS B_BI ON B.primary Key = B_BI.primary Key WHERE B_BI.primary Key IS NULL; , what is the type of the column?

update T1 set domainname = (New value) --Example: (SELECT LEFT(Table Name.col, CHARINDEX('@', Table Name.col)-1) STRIPPED_STRING FROM Table Name where Table = T2.

Emp_ID) from Table Name T1 INNER JOIN Table Name T2 ON T1.

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