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Based on the same research that led to her book, “e-Volve!

” Kanter identifies 10 mistakes being made by wanna-dots.

The author draws attention to the massive changes taking place in the way we conduct business and social affairs.

He asserts that our inability to manage change itself is arguably the most important barrier to progress.

The stated objectives of the book are: The aim of the book is to establish a practical method for change management and business transformation with appropriate tools and techniques.

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A feature of the book are the lists of the top 10 strategies for achieving various aspects of a learning organisation, each with detailed practical guidance.The pace-setters embrace the internet as a way of questioning their existing models and experimenting with ways new technology can improve their businesses. As in so many aspects of business, there is not just one right way. (1990) Decision Traps: The Ten Barriers to Brilliant Decision-Making and How to Overcome Them.The laggards plunge in, in a half-heated manner, and hope for the best. New York: Fireside The author is former chairman of Lever Brothers, during the Seventies and Eighties, (who at that time thrashed Proctor and Gamble).According to Kline, the ten components of a thinking environment are: Kanter distinguishes between and “wanna-dots”.

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The former are pure internet companies operating on-line.Skilled learners: In her fascinating book about doing business in the new e-culture (See Kanter’s 3 Ms) she offers ten reasons why people resist change in the early stages of any new endeavour, and draws attention to what leaders must do to workaround them.