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15-Jan-2021 18:17

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To do that, relaunch i Tunes with the Shift key held down, click Choose Library, select the i Tunes folder and then select the renamed i Tunes Library file within. If everything works flawlessly, you can keep on using i Tunes as usual.

The Windows 10 firewall may block i Tunes from connecting to the Internet properly.

You should now find a list of the most recent iterations listed on the i Tunes Downloads page.

If you have video playback errors, you can also opt for a version listed with the For Older Video Cards tag. Next up: Are you facing an famous i Tunes installer error on Windows 10? Various reasons – operating system updates, for example – may change the default permissions of the numerous files and folders that i Tunes uses.

It’s a bloated mess, takes ages to launch and everything feels sluggish.

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Unfortunately, Apple needs me to keep using it even for something as trivial as a file transfer.Compatibility Mode is another quick fix that can help you keep i Tunes running just in case you don’t have a new application update to offset any issue caused by a recent Windows 10 update. Under the Compatibility tab, check the box next to Run This Program in Compatibility Mode for and select Windows 8. If you have any third-party visual plugins installed on i Tunes, there’s a chance for the application to hang, usually at launch.