Updating the twenty year old dot helmet standard

08-Dec-2020 09:01

Other protective gear specifically designed for motorcyclist protection, such as jackets, pants, gloves and boots, have been shown to improve post-crash health outcomes after other types of severe injuries (de Rome et al., 2012).Universal helmet laws — state laws that require helmet use for all riders (operators and passengers) — are extremely effective.In order to receive a helmet you must: be present, learn how to properly fit and wear a helmet, and sign a waiver (a parent or legal guardian must sign for children under 18).

The campaign includes a collection of postcards, each focusing on an important cycling topic.Helmets that don't meet the standards are known as "novelty helmets." A recent study found riders using novelty helmets were about twice as likely to die in crashes than riders wearing certified, full-face helmets (Rice , 2017).