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This specification can be in the form of an XML schema or a Document Type Description (DTD), for example.Any valid XML file is well-formed, but not every well-formed XML file is valid.Following are the steps to using Xml Reader Settings for validating an XML file: The code behaves the same in both the cases.However, there is a small difference in how the exception message is displayed.DTDs are part of the Standardized Generalized Markup Language (SGML) standard, from which both HTML and XML derive.The NOTE XDR Validation The Xml Validating Reader can also validate an XML file for conformance with an XML Data Reduced (XDR) specification.One obvious source for an XML Schema is an XML file.An XML file can contain explicit schema information (in the form of an embedded schema) or it can contain implicit schema information in its structure.

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The prime use of a schema file is to validate the corresponding XML file.Using the Xml Validating Reader tells about the element/attribute with incorrect value as per the data type, but using Xml Reader Setting provides a detailed error showing the incorrect value along with the expected datatype.