What to say on a first message online dating

28-Dec-2020 13:54

I know she at least looked at my profile because she addressed me by my name.

Also, pay attention to her thanking me for "reaching out first." It's important to message women first; ALWAYS.

As you're reading through her profile, look for "keywords" you can comment on to start a conversation.

These "keywords" should be something YOU HAVE IN COMMON because, in step 3 below, you're going to create questions to show her you share common interests. For example, I'm not much of a traveler nor do I volunteer anywhere, so I never comment on these topics. As you read through a woman's profile look for keywords associated with your lifestyle and preferences.

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All you've done is tell her you have things in common; you need proof!Just follow the steps above, and you'll stand out from the men who are using boring canned opening lines.